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One of the most affordable Education Destination for International Students.

Malaysia is a great place to be in not only for tourism, but for international students as well. It’s situated in south-east Asia with an excellent education system. It is ranked as 11th most preferred destination by international students. In early 2012, there were more than 95,000 international students in Malaysia from all corners of the world, who were studying courses such as English language, diplomas, bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from both local universities and foreign branch campuses.

Since their independence in 1957, Malaysia has progressed drastically in various industries such as rubber and palm oil to exceling in banking sector. Malaysia has also progressed rapidly in high technology development which transitioned it from developing country to a developed country.

To enhance their education, students from around the world visit Malaysia as it’s very affordable too. A usual cost for a business degree is around $5000 yearly. Universityes from around the world have opened their campuses in Malaysia such as The University of Nottingham, University of Southampton and Newcastle University and more to be expected very soon. Malaysia has transformed into a center of excellence in education.

In Malaysia, the official religion is Islam and majority of the population is Muslim, while it’s constitution guarantees freedom of worship and expression. Malaysia is a great place to learn about different cultures and languages. Bahasa Melayu is the national language, but English, Tamil and Mandarin are also widely spoken. Cost of living is affordable and it’s less as compared to other preferred locations for studying abroad. With an average of $4000 annual living cost, Malaysia offers high standards of living at affordable cost.

Malaysia also stands at 19th out of 153 countries as the world's most peaceful country. Wide choice of food, great places to visit and much more makes Malaysia a great country. If you have any questions such as which college is the best, which courses to choose? Qadri International can help you make the right decision.

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